About the Restaurant

On a fateful trip to the south in April of 2010 Ian bit into a piece of fried chicken that would change his life forever. Having never had fried chicken that was so fresh, juicy, and delicious he was unaware of the potential that lied within such a simple bird. That bite brought with it a realization, that not only was this something that the North lacked, but it was something that it desperately needed.

Two years later, after an ex told him he couldn't do it, Ian signed the lease for what was to become The Flying Chicken. Shortly thereafter he realized there was a problem, he didn't know how to cook.

In comes Josh Coletto, a CIA trained chef that was integral in making Ian's vision a reality. Josh has since moved on but the recipes he created serve as the foundation for The Flying Chicken as it is today.

Now the kitchen is run by Chef Guinevere Davis who not only brings a wealth of knowledge but also a warmth that truly puts the soul in soul food.

The Flying Chicken Troy offers American, Burgers, Catering, Chicken, Dinner, Late Night, Salads, Sandwiches, Soul Food, Southern, Steak, Wings.
Recent Reviews
  • Love this place!
    - Cj
  • I can recall only having had chicken like this in one other spot, in the "soul food" quarter of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; this was better, and the best fried chicken I've ever had. The stuff of dreams. Super crispy, super spicy, with moist evenly cooked white meat completely infused with succulent flavoring. Culinary wizardry of the highest order. The Mac balls are righteous, the potatoes homemade, and the cinnamon biscuits are to die for. Be prepared: delivery takes an hour to hour and a half. Shut up and deal with it; its so effing worth it.
    - Colin
  • Delivered in a timely manner.
    - Tyree